Culture of Gujarat

festivals and major cultural events Incredible Gujarat, has coloured the landscaped the skies of India with its beautiful and breath-taking hues over the decades. This state is not only known for its rapid infrastructural development but also its colourful culture. The rich tradition and culture of Gujarat is strongly imbibed in every Gujarati family. The aesthetic sense of arts, lifestyle and culture in Gujarat is definitely worth the experience for every Indian as well as foreigners.

Festivals of Gujarat are not only popularly celebrated in this beautiful state but also in the entire nation with equal fervour if not more. Traditional culture of Gujarati’s is well presented through their famous Garba, Raas, Garbi and folk music. The famous Garba-Raas is known to have originated in Gujarat and made very popular and passed on world-wide by Lord Krishna himself. Few of the most festivals and cultural events of Gujarat are-

Navratri: The nine-day festival held in the honour of Goddess Durga is full of dancing and singing coupled with fasting for nine days. Gujarat comes alive to the tunes of folk music and traditional music and you can experience the people dancing to the beats doing the Dandiya-Raas and Garba.

Uttarayan: The famous kite flying festival of Gujarat is celebrated during Makar Sankranti in January. The landscape of Gujarat comes alive with the beautiful colourful kites grazing the sky line of this marvellous state.

Janmashtami: This marks the birth of Lord Krishna and is very delicately and beautiful celebrated by all Gujarati’s. One can see the Raas-Lila come alive commemorating the divinity of Lord Krishna. Besides these festivals Diwali, Holi, Kutch Mahotsav, Mahashivratri, etc. are celebrated with equal fervour.

Gujarat hosts nearly 3500 festivals annually in the stream of commerce, art, trade fairs, religious fairs, etc.

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